All you need is a grocery app to perform all your grocery orders from the comfort of your house.

With online grocery delivery, you assured of quality.


Available 24/7

Our grocery delivery app is available for users anytime, anywhere, and allows users to shop whenever they require.


Amazing Discounts and deals

EVOM offer great and cost-effective deals with heavy discounts for the existing customers and enticing new users to our app.


Track your Orders

Through this app, whatever the users order for themselves, they can track their order through the same app and know the estimated delivery time.


Easy Alternative to Pay

When there is a payment wallet inbuilt, the app provides alternatives for making payment prepaid as per the user’s choice.

Advance features give you full control.

No Queues at Check-out Counters

With delivery apps, payment for groceries is made more comfortable. One can use credit and debit cards and various online wallet services to make payments. Therefore, within a blink of minutes, payment is made and dusted.


More Comfortable Virtual Search

Products are listed in categories in grocery delivery apps. The search options of the apps make it easier for consumers to see what they want. Hence, customers do not spend a lot of time searching for particular products like in the store.


Reduces Impulse Buying and Reasonable Delivery Charges

Grocery stores offer various offers that easily tempt the customers to buy goods. With grocery apps, it’s easy to ignore practical things. You spend money on what you want. Compared to transportation fees associated with visiting the store, the approach is more straightforward and cost-effective.

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