EVOM creates a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for our shoppers. We understand that your weekly grocery store visit will take longer. That's why we deliver groceries to your doorstep. Now EVOM is the best grocery shopping app in Ireland. We proudly offer the benefits of online grocery shopping.

The Benefits of Online Grocery delivery 

 Although several grocery delivery services are available, many consumers are unaware of the benefits of online grocery shopping. Here are some benefits you can experience.

Save Money

Our online shoppers can experience great prices and sales through EVOM, which provides an affordable experience that anyone can enjoy. Additionally, shoppers can take advantage of our online discounts when shopping on the EVOM app. EVOM is an online fast delivery service in Ireland.

 Buy in Bulk with Ease

As you know, buying groceries as a whole is the cheapest way to save money overall. On the other hand, many shoppers are reluctant to go to the store and buy in bulk because it takes up more space and can be very heavy. Adding lots of items to your virtual shopping and delivering them to your doorstep is like online grocery shopping for home delivery.

Cut Gas and Parking Costs

By ordering online and having it delivered, you can avoid driving extra miles and save money on petrol and parking. While these savings may not seem solid right now, they will increase over a year.

How Can online Grocery Delivery Help You Save Time?

 Browse on Your Time

Online shopping allows you to browse when you are most comfortable. When delivering groceries, you do not need to be present; instead, you can select a delivery time that is most convenient for you.

Avoid Making Multiple Trips

Have you forgotten to add something to your virtual shopping cart? No big deal. With online shopping, you can add items to your cart until the day of delivery to your home, even after making a purchase. That means you don't have to go back to the store for a single item you forgot.


EVOM Many places in Ireland offer online shopping with a home grocery delivery service. EVOM is one of the best grocery shopping in Ireland. EVOM strives to provide our customers with the most enjoyable shopping experience possible, based on low rates, current sales events, and polite, hardworking, and attentive service.