The covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis. The government is attempting to extend the lockdown due to the complexity of the problem. The only way to defeat the virus is to keep the social distance active.

The role of online delivery platforms in delivering essential items has become even more crucial. EVOM recognizes the value of providing community service through the distribution of groceries and household items.

EVOM is the best grocery shopping app in Ireland. From the beginning, our clients' safety has been a priority. At EVOM, we have already upgraded the existing strict health and hygiene practices to ensure the safety of our customers and delivery partners. Every day we perform mandatory screening of staff using infrared contactless thermometers. We always disinfect and clean. Disinfect our essentials after all use.

Teaching our delivery partners to maintain high hygiene, we strengthened our safety measures by introducing zero-touch deliveries. In addition, we urge customers to choose online payment methods to avoid human contact. When you trust us, we will take all safety precautions and keep groceries at your doorstep. You no longer have to find time to buy groceries during your rush hour. Let us know which products you intend to purchase and they will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible. Within a few months, EVOM had gained a good reputation among the people of Ireland. EVOM offers an online fast delivery service in Ireland. Many customers try to avoid visiting grocery stores and turn to delivery services.

So follow these steps when ordering deliveries:

1. Avoid direct transfers

 Arrange for items to be delivered to your doorstep or nearby location.

2. Online Payment

One advantage of ordering deliveries online or through an application is that you do not have to transfer money to the delivery person. Most delivery applications and online ordering systems have this feature.

3. You must put your order a little early than usual

While this is not a security issue, we may need some extra time in this Covid-19 situation. So it is a good idea to order a little earlier to get the items you need on time.


EVOM was able to provide quality delivery during this covid-19 pandemic. That's why it has become one of the best grocery shopping in Ireland.